Creating an environment with 3d base

General / 17 September 2018

For this exercise use a KITBASH package from Egypt, the idea was to create a scene with a pictorial trend that portrayed daily life.

To do it, I used a 3d base illuminated in 3d mode and next step using brushes and photographs to texture the structures in photoshop.

I use a 22 mm lens to generate a greater field profiindity and achieve a deformation in the structures very similar to a fisheye lens.

I made a simple layout for the background taking into account the distance of the mountains, for it when I do concepot utiliuzo the tool levels to achieve separate objects reducing contrast.

I reinforce the lights by painting in a layer with overexposure which helps to highlight more the brightness and reflections of the sun.

I put more images and I paint over trying to make a mixture between photos and brushes besides using color modes that help me balance the images.

It is very important that each object is clearly separated from the others and its shape can be clearly recognized.

I try with different tones playing with color modes, I think the most important thing is the story to tell, it is very important to always highlight the silhouettes of the objects within the concept so that the reading is much clearer.